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Hartshorne & Mehl: Associate Position Available

Hartshorne & Mehl is Vancouver Litigation Law Firm founded in 1960. Our firm has been litigating in the Courts of British Columbia for over 60 years. We are specialized in complex litigation, automotive and other commercial products liability, major equipment and property damage claims, catastrophic personal injury including, permanent neurological, brain and spinal, psychological injury, property and insurance matters.

Our team of lawyers has a combined litigation experience of approximately 300 years.

We have conducted hundreds of Supreme Court of British Columbia Judge alone and Jury Trials, have appeared at all levels of Court in British Columbia, the Superior Courts of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal, before numerous Tribunals and have conducted an infinite number of Arbitrations and Mediations. Our Lawyers have handled over 200 Supreme Court of British Columbia trials, 55 Jury Trials, with our 5 Senior Lawyers conducting over 168 Supreme Court Trials, in catastrophic cases.

We have set precedents since the 1970’s, including having initiated the first Social Host Proceeding in British Columbia (Baumeister 1986); the first Jury Trial for Conspiracy to Defraud (ICBC v Bains 1990); the unintended acceleration cases naming International Auto Manufacturers; successfully challenged on the basis of Junk Science the application of PET scan evidence in a MTBI (Wolfin 1998); successfully challenged admissibility of questionable medical scientific expert opinion on causation between a neurological condition and trauma (Taylor 2008); and successfully defended our client in one of the longest personal injury actions in British Columbia (MacEachern et al 2010). Our trial experience, in addition, includes Medical Malpractice, Commercial Products Liability Claims and Personal Property Insurance Claims. Our focus is always to obtain the best result for our client through efficient resolution or, where necessary, through strong advocacy skill exercised in the Courtrooms.

We have an opening for a senior, as well as an intermediate lawyer, who are interested in stepping into vibrant, challenging, active and full litigation practices. We have an excellent team of creative litigators and support staff, all of whom are professionally supportive and know how to balance our interesting, academically challenging and creative work environment.

Please submit your resumé in confidence to:

Robert Hartshorne or Kirsten Mehl

Hartshorne & Mehl

301 - 2642 Main Street

Vancouver, BC V5T 3E6

Fax: 604-708-3779



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