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The Firm

 Founded in 1960



Administrative Staff

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Our Vision

At Hartshorne & Mehl, our team strives to develop comprehensive solutions to difficult problems in an efficient and cost-effective fashion. Our dedicated staff seeks to achieve the outcomes desired by all our valued clientele while also building partnerships and fostering a network of trust for the future. To accomplish these aims, our team of lawyers and administrative staff live by the firm’s core values: Relentless Advocacy, Results, and Relationships.

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All members of our firm adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards.  We advance our client’s interests in the strongest way possible, but we do so with compassion and reasonableness at all times.  Relationships are the basis of all human interaction, and respectful and conscientious communication is vital in dealing with challenging disputes.  Our goal is to serve valued clientele beyond the courtroom. We make every effort to promote a network of trust with all involved stakeholders, one which will improve and expedite the most difficult segments of the legal process and develop trusted partnerships for future dealings.


Our reputation and courtroom trial experience provides the knowledge and credibility necessary to secure the best results for our clients. We put unending effort into achieving the best possible outcome for our client. We ensure that all matters have been fully prepared, evidence secured, and  arguments investigated and advanced.  We prepare a file from the outset so it is ready for Trial which puts us in the best position with the most power to achieve optimal results through Mediation and Settlement without compromise to our client’s best interests.

Relentless Advocates

Our client’s best interest is the driving force behind all our efforts.  We are vigorous advocates with the experience and reputation required to achieve the end goal.  Our team of lawyers spend their full energy on preparation for trial from the outset thereby ensuring that matters are ready to litigate while also exploring opportunities for resolutions in our clients’ best interests prior to court.  Our lawyers have the experience of hundreds of Trial Judgements and hundreds of Mediations and Settlements, which serves as the foundation for success. 

relentless advocacy

A Downtown Firm in Mount Pleasant

A Message from Kirsten Mehl, Managing Partner


Hartshorne & Mehl, established in 1960,  is a downtown Vancouver law firm whose practice was moved after decades in the Scotia Tower on Georgia Street to Mount Pleasant in 1996.    


The Firm, a committed member of the Legal Community and the Mount Pleasant Business Community for over 25 years, has strong ties to this neighbourhood exceeding 60 years. Robert Hartshorne’s parents operated an appliance repair business at our current address from well before 1960. Hartshorne and Mehl will maintain its status as a valued contributor to the community. As a business, our team strives to offer expert legal advice to local enterprises and individuals.


We offer the high end services of downtown Vancouver without the traffic-filled commute. If you have a legal issue or matter requiring legal advice or analysis, we are readily available to advise you as to your rights and obligations under the law.

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