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Areas of Expertise


Catastrophic Injury, Property, & Liability Litigation

Our team has extensive trial experience in catastrophic personal injury, complex property damage, construction & leaky condo litigation, employment contract issues, wills & estate disputes, defamation and medical malpractice. Our knowledge and experience in litigation is the basis of our expertise in dealing with all the issues that arise in these complex cases in the areas of medical, rehabilitation, economic and financial, which confront the injured and harmed parties.  This expertise is essential to achieving successful results for our clients.


Insurance Litigation

Having been initially founded as an insurance defence firm, Hartshorne & Mehl  has expertise in all matters of insurance, including, coverage, disability benefits, commercial general liability, home owner policies, life and accident  insurance, excess coverage, limits of liability and subrogation.  We have a proven track record handling all issues that arise in and out of both sides of the insurance contract. Our team of litigators, with superior knowledge, expertise, and precedent-setting legal history, ensure our clients achieve the best results


Products Liability

Hartshorne & Mehl has experience in Consumer Products Liability litigation including cases involving Auto and Auto Parts Manufacturing, Medical and Dental Equipment and Parts and in general with regard to Consumer Off the Shelf Products.  


Administrative, Mediation, & Arbitration

Resolving issues for our clients is a number one priority whether through Mediation, conducting Administrative Tribunal Hearings, Arbitration, or Litigation.  Conflict resolution is a key area of our expertise and we implement this expertise to the great satisfaction of our clients.  We also have a certified experienced Mediator on our Team 

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